15 Free Things to Do in Tokyo

Sensoji Temple

Traveling in Japan does not have to be as expensive as it is often believed to be. You can actually do a lot of things in Tokyo for cheap or at no cost at all. Here are some of the best free things you can do in Japan’s capital city.

  1. Enjoy panoramic views of the city at the observatories you can access for free like the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building observatories, Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center view deck located the 8th floor of the building, the observation room at the Tower Hall Funabori, and the observation lounge at the Bunkyo Civic Center among others.
  2. Take a stroll around the Imperial Palace.
  3. Explore the Imperial Palace East Gardens.
  4. Join one of the scheduled free guided tours of the Imperial Palace.
  5. Learn about Japanese alcohol and enjoy the free tastes at the Japanese Sake Information Centre.
  6. Take a self-guided tour of Yebisu Beer Museum to learn more about one of the country’s most famous brews.
  7. Sample delicious free beers as you take a one-hour free tour of the Suntory Brewery Musashino Factory.
  8. Discover the world of Japan’s national sport that dates back to hundreds of years ago at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Museum (Sumo Museum).
  9. Experience a free Japanese traditional boat ride at Yokojikkengawa Shinsui Park.
  10. Browse the products on display and learn about making crafts at the various demonstrations at the Japan Traditional Craft Center.
  11. Escape in the tranquil surroundings and find a spot to relax while taking in the nature scenery at the Meiji Jengu Shrine.Meiji Jengu Shrine
  12. Visit the Sensoji Temple and window shop at the Nakamise-dori which is said to be one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan.
  13. Enjoy the scenery and attractions around Tokyo Station.
  14. Take a look at the extensive collection of guidebooks and other travel-related books at the Travel Library located near the Tokyo Station.
  15. Watch the famous tuna auction at Tsukiji Fish Market. Make sure that you arrive on or before 5:00AM to apply for one of the limited slots at the Osakana Fukyu Center (Fish Information Center).