Life on the Go

13 Best Apps for People on the Go

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Here are some of the best apps for people on the go.

  1. AwardWallet – An app that helps you keep track of your various loyalty programs.
  2. Citymapper – Citymapper helps you navigate your way around many cities across the world and avoid getting lost.
  3. Cool Cousin – Find recommendations from locals in over ten destinations.
  4. – Search for hotels where you can stay for a few hours at cheaper rates, especially during long layovers. Choose from a selection of 3,000 hotels from around the world.
  5. Duolingo – Learn a language or pick some basics that will get you through simple conversations with locals using this app.
  6. FlightAware Flight Tracker – Keep track of your flights and get the latest information including changes on scheduled arrivals or departures.
  7. Geosure – This is a security-related app that allows you to get real-time information on safety and security risks in various locations you go.
  8. Google Maps – Get access to maps, routes, and detailed directions even when you are offline.
  9. Google Translate – A handy app for translating various languages if needed.
  10. Hostelworld – An app that gives you access to information on over 30,000 hostels around the world.
  11. Rideways – Use this app to book buses, trains, taxis, and airport transfers in over 500 cities across the globe.
  12. RoadTrippers – Get the information you need like roadside attractions and more when planning a road trip.
  13. SeatGuru – Look for airline seat maps and other flight related information using this app