5 of the Most Amazing Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Alps (Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Slovenia)
Skiing in the Alps may just become a memory for many if it continues to lose its glacial ice as has been observed in the past years. Climate change continues to pose as a serious threat. Experts fear that the Alps may completely disappear by 2050.

Amazon Rainforest (Brazil)
Amazon Rainforest
Rainforest destruction has long been a problem around the world. And the vast Amazon Rainforest in Brazil that spans over 2 million square miles is not immune to the threat of destruction given factors like agriculture expansion, and more.

Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA)
Grand Canyon
In 2015, the Grand Canyon listed as one of the “11 most-endangered historic places in America” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Several factors contributed to being it part of the list including increasing development projects.

Great Barrier Reef (Queensland, Australia)
Great Barrier Reef
For years, the Great Barrier Reef has been under threat due to extensive coral bleaching and rising temperatures among others.

Located at the Indian Ocean, Maldives is one of the most stunning places in the world consisting of 1,190 coral islands. Home of breathtaking beaches and lagoons not to mention its spectacular reefs, the country is feared to vanish within a hundred years due to rising sea levels.