Traveling and Painting: How Similar Are They?


The two things can be a bit unrelated, but if we look at how beneficial they are to our mental health, we’ll realize that they’re two sides of the same coin.

Here are the three similarities between painting and traveling:


In this bustling world we live in, stress is an ordinary thing. To say that stress is so common is an understatement. Even toddlers these days get stressed according to psychologists. Good thing painting and traveling can fight stress!

Painting has been known as a therapeutic activity thanks to its healing capability. It can be used to vent out anger and misery, particularly when we speak of spray-painting. Dealing with paint colors can lessen stress, enhance mental health, and boost mood (more of this later). Painting is excellent at releasing the negativity from people and replacing that with optimism.


Traveling is also similar. It’s a stress reliever that we’re all familiar with. Going to other places can “declutter” the mind and help people cope with stress. Traveling makes us forget about the things and the people that cause stress in our lives. It’s an activity that allows us to renew our minds. Speaking of renewing, check out why you should use renewable energy in your workshop in No wonder those who take trips a lot are more satisfied in their love life and profession than those who barely travels in a year. A study also found that people who go to a lot of vacations are less likely to be exhausted, stressed, and depressed.


Traveling and painting can also make you feel accomplished, and when you have that sense of fulfillment, you can be happier in life. These two activities can, therefore, make you more confident as it boosts your self-esteem, makes you independent, and improves your decision-making skills.

Patience Extender

The third similarity they have is the ability to extend people’s patience. Painting can be a bit challenging especially if you’re painting a whole room or if you have no experience using a paint sprayer at all. Painting techniques may not be as easy as they sound too. You’ll have to read and practice a lot before you can paint like a professional handyman. Needless to say, you have to be extremely patient if you’re painting.

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The same can be said for traveling. You could wait for a few minutes before you’re cleared from airport security and wait for a few hours to reach a new country. There could even be mishaps or unexpected delays along the way. Because of all the waiting that needs to be surpassed, traveling can also be considered a patience extender.

Be that as it may, painting and traveling are still great activities that can improve your overall mental health. They could be a bit stressful, but the amount of fun and joy they bring is far greater than the stress.